Madly Macabre

We offer several after life options

We believe everyone grieves in their own way & some would prefer to keep their beloved pets long after they pass in a form other than ashes.

Educational specimens make excellent resources for getting kids interested in science And the world around them.

We offer wet preservation, mummification, skeletal articulation, custom memorial jewelry, as well as some tanning, & taxidermy. Remains are always handled with love and respect. We also only source specimens that are ethically,humanely, & sustainability collected. We never take a life for any of our products. 

Our Services

We offer mummification, wet preservations, skeletal articulation, memorial jewelry & displays, some tanning & taxidermy, as well as other oddities, educational specimens and unique finds. 

A Little about our team

We feel it’s an honor to the memory of a life lost to have the Chance to give that animal a second life through preservation. We only use ethically, humanely,& sustainably sourced specimens for our products. All remains are handled with compassion, love & respect through the processing stages.

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We do ship outside the USA in many cases at buyers expense.
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