Terms and Conditions

We want our clients to be happy, if your product arrives damaged in shipping or with flaws in craftsmanship, please photograph and contact us immediatly. We will replace, repair or refund to make it right! Wets are shipped without fluid, please be prepared to fill jars with 70% isopropyl alcohol on arrival. Articulations are fragile but can be gently handled. Please keep in mind they are done with oxidation in most cases & have no glue or wire holding them together, just their own connective tissue. Bone jewelry and art can be fragile and should not be worn while showering or while doing things that can put too much stress to the bone. We are not responsible for damages caused by innapropriate handling. All our bone and animal specimens are ethically, humanely , & sustainably sourced, we never take a life for our products. We believe that using the remains of an animal whos lost its life honors its memory and allows it to live on loved & cherished for many years to come. We handle all remains with compassion & love throughout the entire processing & creation process.